Ebony Rhodes – SEO Copywriter

Yvette Haughton - Copywriter

Industry/Niche: Medical, Biochemical, Biology, Chemistry, Skincare, lifestyle (no defined niche but specialize in science usually)

Specializations: SEO Copywriting; Content Marketing

Email Address: ebony@cocoa-copy.com 

My name is Ebony and I am an independent copywriter at Ebony Indigo Agency. Ever since I was a kid, my passion has always been writing. Words have a special energetic charge for me. Now I help brands that I believe in reach their business objectives, strengthen their brand, and connect with more clients that need your service or product through strategic, thoughtful copy.

With my background in Biochemistry, I am confident in my ability to support your brand as a n authority in your field.

Here’s my latest testimonial:

“Ebony is a skilled copywriter who is professional, on time and well-researched. Her work was a fantastic read and perfect for my audience as well as incredibly helpful for my website SEO and Google Rankings. In a world of detached AI and unreliable copywriters, Ebony is a next-level copywriter that will give you the human element AI can’t and dependability that other writers won’t.”

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