Francetta Evans-Anfom – Website & Blog Copywriter

Yvette Haughton - Copywriter

Industry/Niche: Entertainment, Live Music & Festivals, Architecture & Interior Design, Hair & Beauty, Coaches

Specializations: Website Copy; Blog Posts

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Francetta Evans-Anfom is the woman behind Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting. With over 6 years experience and knowledge, and an award finalist, she is a web copywriter and blog post writer specialist.
Francetta is artistic and writing is an art form. She is able to tell stories, distill the “why” behind any business and confront an emotion through her love of writing for underrepresented, multicultural and diverse led businesses from entrepreneurs, independent to corporate businesses. Her ethos is ‘diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion’. Dats Muzik Creative Copywriting aims to give back and support creatives that deserve more awareness and others who are unique. There are thousands of businesses out there, the opputunities are endless. For someone who’s eclectic, cultural and won the ‘Young Writers Poetry Competition For 11-18 Year Olds… The Power of Poetry’ for South of England, she’s someone to work with.
She supports creative entrepreneurs, African, multicultural and diverse led businesses. Her ethos- diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion.