Mira Anamae – B2B SaaS Email Strategist & Copywriter

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Industry/Niche: B2B SaaS 

Specializations: Emails, Landing Pages, Push & In-App Notifications, Email Marketing Strategy

Email Address: miraanamae@gmail.com 

Your copy should be nurturing or converting users, but they’re not:

-> Compelling enough for your prospects/users/customers to open
-> Directing users to the features they should be using – and you’re tired of hearing “I didn’t know about X!” In interviews
-> Upgrading users to your paid plans – your users ignore your emails instead

If you answered “uh-oh” to any of the above…

Mira here! I specialize in writing and optimizing emails and landing pages for B2B SaaS companies like yours. Like these:

👉🏽 Emails: Onboarding, trial-start, nurture, and activation emails
👉🏽 Landing pages: Thank you page, demo page, freebie download page, and trial-start pages

My copywriting process for every project:

1️⃣ I go through your customer data and analyze your competitors to find winning messages and make your solution un-ignorable

2️⃣ Then I write the emails/landing pages so you’ve got strategic copy that converts

3️⃣ Lastly, we test to find the winning versions and you’re good to go!

Think we’re a good match? Tell me all about your needs.

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