Yemi Pelumi – Email Copywriter

Yvette Haughton - Copywriter

Industry/Niche: Coaches, Course Creators

Specializations: Email copy, Lead magnet content

Email Address: 

Your competitors shouldn’t be capturing and converting more prospects than you.

Especially not when their products and services are, uhm…

… let’s just say yours is a hundred times better!

Let me help.

I’m Yemi, a lead magnet specialist and an email copywriter.

I’ll solve your:

1️⃣ lead generation problems with irresistible lead magnets
2️⃣ email conversion problems with engaging email copy

I will help you:
✔️ get more leads into your email list with an irresistible lead magnet
✔️ convert more prospects to customers with engaging email copy

Work with me to create:
➡️ Lead magnet ebooks
➡️ Fillable workbooks
➡️ Free email courses
➡️ Welcome email series
➡️ Sales email sequence

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