You’re a busy business owner with a full plate of responsibilities. And writing marketing copy for your brand is not your strong suit. Or maybe you don’t have the time. So like all smart business owners, you know when and what to outsource. The real problem though, is finding the right copywriter to outsource your project to.

Because you can’t just choose any random writer who decided to become a copywriter last week and threw up a page on Fiverr. You need a writer who understands your business and will be able to write convincing copy that woos your audience and compels them to act. You need an experienced conversion copywriter.

And figuring out who that is can be easier said than done. So we’re making it a bit easier for you. Here are 7 important questions to help you choose a back female copywriter for your next writing project.

Don’t forget your research

Research is always important when you’re looking to hire a service provider for your business. And this research process can incorporate several mediums: the copywriter’s website, Google reviews, social media posts, or word of mouth referrals.

Whichever methods you choose, there are several key questions to consider.


1 – Does she have experience?

This one is pretty straightforward, which is why it’s first on the list. For best results do your research to ensure the copywriter you are considering has experience writing the kind of copy you need.

Research is always important when you’re hiring someone who to write your business/website content. The first thing you’ll look for is for how long they have been writing.

It can be hard to tell how experienced a copywriter is by looking at their resume or website. So it’s important to ask them about their past work. Which leads us to the next question.


2 – Does she have writing samples?

Samples are a great way to confirm if a copywriter is any good, especially those with less experience or limited social proof.

Some copywriters may not have much professional experience but are still able to produce great work. This is why asking for writing samples is important.

Ultimately, you will have to decide if you are willing to try a less experienced writer, but if you choose to go that route (perhaps because of budgetary constraints) ensure that she has solid writing samples.

A copywriter’s portfolio will show you what she’s capable of and how she handles various writing styles and subjects.


3 – Does she understand your niche?

There are a lot of copywriters in the market, but not all writers can write effectively for every niche. In fact, some of the best copywriters focus on specific niches or industries.

If you’re a nutritionist & you sell meal plans or courses that promote a raw food diet, working with a copywriter who understands nutrition will be helpful.

You can browse the black female copywriter profiles on our site by specialty (emails vs blog posts vs landing pages etc). Plus each copywriter’s profile page includes the industries and niches that they write for (ecommerce, B2B, tech, etc).

4 – Does she have testimonials?

When considering a copywriter for your project it is important to review their testimonials. This is a great way to understand how the copywriter works, in the words of real live clients they’ve worked with. Look out for testimonials that share insight into their process, communication style, and the quality of the deliverables.

A quick note on testimonials:
When reviewing testimonials consider all platforms. Don’t just stick to the copywriter’s website (especially since those are always curated by the writer). Check Google, Linkedin, Facebook, and other review sites to see what others say about her work.

5 – Does she have a clearly defined process that she can explain?

You may have noticed the word ‘process’ popping up over and over again in conversations with copywriters. The word has become synonymous with the idea of having a system to create work, and it’s no different for copywriters. You’ll find that many experienced copywriters always use the same process every single time, which helps with workflow.

One of the things you should consider when hiring a copywriter is whether or not she has a clear process. A clear process can be important for many reasons, but mainly because it tells you how the copywriter will approach your project and what she expects from you.

Having a proper process  is just as important as getting the final deliverables before the deadline. So don’t forget to ask about her work process.

What does it look like? How does she keep track of tasks? How does she communicate with clients and provide status updates?

6 – Did she make a good impression on the discovery call?

Discovery calls are a great opportunity to get to know a copywriter and determine if she is a good fit for you and your project. In fact, you can tell you a lot about a copywriter from a single discovery call.

Pay attention to the questions she asks you. Is she showing an interest in your brand? If she appears curious and actually asks questions, are these questions relevant to the problem you actually want her to solve with this copywriting project?

Here are a few specifics that you could look for:

1. Is she answering your questions correctly?
2. Does she offer any form of insights that show she can solve your problem?
3. Is she organized on the call?
4. Can she deliver within your desired timeframe?

7 – Are her prices within your budget?

Having the best copywriter is the goal but you should never ignore your budget. A discovery call (or a review of her pricing guide) allows you to review her pricing, payment terms, and your budget to see if it’s feasible to work together.

In closing

Hiring is never easy, but there are specific steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of hiring a copywriter who is not a good fit. Once you’ve answered these 7 questions favorably, you’ll be more likely to hire a copywriter who is a good fit for you and your brand.

Find a black female copywriter for your next project